origin of quantum mechanics is exposed in:

The Principles of Matter, amending quantum mechanics

the foundation of quantum mechanics is explicitly derived

The first half of home study course in physics

by John P. and Michael J. Wallace

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Take   a   look   under   the   hood   of quantum mechanics and see what it takes to build a particle and a field. Find out the real reason why there are two families of particles: boson and   fermion.       Learn   where   charge comes   from   and   why   the     weak charge   is   so   weak   with   parity problems.       Take   a   look   at   the neutrino's structure and you begin to understand its properties. 

This   peak   under   the   hood     started with   Michael Faraday on the 29 of August   1831   who   did   the   first experiment exploring the large scale quantum behavior of iron when a 6" diameter   forged   ring   of   iron   was used   as   a   transformer   core   to measure an induced electromagnetic impulse.   Faraday's   experiment   and Faraday­-Maxwell   equation   for   the description   of   induction   is   fine   in free  space, but when well  annealed iron is used as a coupling agent the problem   becomes   one   of   the   more interesting   large   scale   quantum mechanical   problems   that   exist.

Like all good problems that persist for nearly two centuries it implied     our view of physics  is deficient. We know a   great   deal   more   about     iron metallurgy   than  quantum mechanics, which   has   been   studied   for   a   much shorter   time.   The   problem   we encountered   in   understanding originates   with   the   foundation   of quantum mechanics and the poor way in which relativity   is integrated into quantum mechanics.

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