Yes Virginia, Quantum Mechanics can be Understood

with the help of a few Wodehouse characters

A home study course in physics

by John P. and Michael J. Wallace

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Questions that get answered:

What is the source of inertia?

Why is superposition allowed for fields?

Why are there fermions and bosons?

Why is the muon not just a heavy electron?

Why are the neutrinos massless?

Why is the Tau particle neutral?

Why is charge connected to parity for the 3-D massive boson?

Why are there no Axions?

Why is there no vacuum energy?

The Chapters

Chapter 1 A history of a few centuries of unexplained and ignored experimental results led to a damaged and incomplete form of quantum mechanics championed by the Copenhagen school.

Chapter 2 The loss of Euclidean geometry and its replacement defines how relativity requires two complete spaces to function.

Chapter 3 Correcting the Schrodinger equation with two additional terms required by relativity.

Chapter 4 Deriving the origin of particles from the self-reference frame gives the structural form to elementary fermion and boson.

Chapter 5 Noticing information's two forms allows the derivation of quantized fields: photon and neutrino.

Chapter 6 It is possible to derive spin for both particles and quantized fields.

Chapter 7 Detailed view of the origin of electrodynamics and electrostatics helps in the extraction of nuclear potentials from lower dimensional entities.

Chapter 8 The structural origin of gravity and the strong force finds their sources are tied to the properties of the self-reference frame that migrate to the laboratory frame.

384 pages 107 illustrations, photos, graphs

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