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"The Second Quantum Revolution" Wall Street Journal 20 October 2018

"yes Virginia, quantum mechanics can be understood"

how nature treats information

A home study course on the foundation of physics.

with the help of a few Wodehouse characters

by John P. and Michael J. Wallace

114 figures, 42 problems, 384 pages

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Bertie and Jeeves take up physics to assist the fair Virginia in her studies. Bertie is hoping to understand quantum mechanics to aid in his wagering at the casinos. In the process, they take a grand tour on an old sailing vessel and aid a sow in distress who is having visa troubles. Bertie, with the help of Virginia and Jeeves after stumbling through a study of the different games of chance discovers, or more properly backs into the truth of Einstein's conjecture that the four forces are indeed unified. Jeeves, the master seaman, guides them to safety while taking on an old nemesis, Roderick Spode.

Quantum mechanics has been dormant since the early 1930s, and our travelers were lucky to have tripped over its resting mass destined to be executed by a gang of over active coders to become just another artificial intelligence application. Rather pleased at having saved the Empress, our sow in distress, and finding a gambling strategy to revive quantum mechanics, they have left a text and a few problems for those who like to see how things work.

The Chapters

Chapter 1 A history of a few centuries of unexplained and ignored experimental results led to a damaged and incomplete form of quantum mechanics championed by the Copenhagen school.

Chapter 2 The loss of Euclidean geometry and its replacement defines how relativity requires two complete spaces to function.

Chapter 3 A derivation for a laboratory frame differential equation extending the Schrodinger equation both consistent with relativity and connecting to the particle's and field's self-reference frame where properties are generated.

Chapter 4 Deriving the origin of particles from the newly introduced self-reference frame gives the structural form to both the elementary fermion and boson.

Chapter 5 Noticing information's two forms exposes the mechanism that quantizes a massless field and yields the photon and electron neutrino.

Chapter 6 It is then possible to derive spin for both particles and quantized fields directly from their structures in the laboratory frame.

Chapter 7 Detailed view of the origin of electrodynamics and electrostatics helps to guide the extraction of nuclear strong force potentials from lower dimensional entities.

Chapter 8 The structural origin of gravity and the strong force finds their sources are tied to the properties of fermions in the self-reference frame that migrate to the laboratory frame.

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Applying the self-reference frame in 2014 Youtube video 24 min.

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