A new book where both matter and quantized fields are extracted from quantum mechanics:

Yes Virginia, Quantum Mechanics can be Understood

with the help of a few Wodehouse characters

A home study course in physics

by John P. and Michael J. Wallace

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Virginia, B.W. Wooster, and Jeeves take up physics with the hope of understanding quantum mechanics. In the process they take grand tour on an old sailing ship and aid a sow in distress. By chapter 8, B.W. Wooster, also known as Bertie, with the help of Virginia and Jeeves after stumbling through a study of the different games of chance discovers, or more properly backs into the truth of Einstein's conjecture that the four forces are indeed unified.

George Gamow’s idea of doing a parody of Goethe’s Faust about the state of quantum mechanics for a 1932 meeting of the main builders of the new quantum mechanics at Neils Bohr institute in Copenhagen was a perfect idea. The play was actually written by the biologist Max Delbruck ¨ innocently capturing the reality of the time because Gamow was detained by the Soviets in 1932. Gamow illustrated the play and published a translation in English in 1966 in the book Thirty Years that Shook Physics, which is our starting point. Gamow described it as going from 30 fat years starting at 1900 to a long lasting fallow period starting in 1930 and has continued to the present. Even though Gamow’s play was supposed to be a comic parody of Faust it came off rather bleak with Pauli doing poor Ehrenfest in with the neutrino. We need characters to both lighten the plot and bring some light to the subject. The simple creations of P.G. Wodehouse can be dropped into any time period, but are particularly adapted to both the present, 1900, and the early 1930s when Gamow’s idea became a play. The neutrino will also make a come back, but now in her proper weightless supporting role. Our story about quantum mechanics is best told with the help of these characters who respond to a culture of fashion and conformity by cheerfully dismantling the nonsense and in the process shed some light on the dark.

The Chapters

Chapter 1 A history of a few centuries of unexplained and ignored experimental results led to a damaged and incomplete form of quantum mechanics championed by the Copenhagen school.

Chapter 2 The loss of Euclidean geometry and its replacement defines how relativity requires two complete spaces to function.

Chapter 3 Exposing the assumptions used to construct the Schrodinger equation allows two more general quantum differential equations to be derived.

Chapter 4 Deriving the origin of particles from the self-reference frame gives the structural form to both the elementary fermion and boson.

Chapter 5 Noticing information's two forms allows the derivation of quantized fields: photon and neutrino.

Chapter 6 It is possible to derive spin for both particles and quantized fields.

Chapter 7 Detailed view of the origin of electrodynamics and electrostatics helps in the extraction of nuclear potentials from lower dimensional entities.

Chapter 8 The structural origin of gravity and the strong force finds their sources are tied to the properties of the self-reference frame that migrate to the laboratory frame.

originally eBooks were released weekly in 8 separate Chapters

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384 pages 107 illustrations, photos, graphs

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